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Dad Absolutely Slams Video Of Father Trying to Surpress His Kid’s Emotions

And we couldn’t agree more.

There are two different kinds of parents: Those who tell their kids "don't cry," and those who allow their kids to let all their emotions out, even when it's uncomfortable.  (To be fair, there are other types of parents, too, but we need only concern ourselves with these two right now.) 

This video from @airbornfoot starts out with a little clip of a toddler crying and getting yelled at for it. Then it turns into a rant from this very sensitive dad about why you should never, ever yell at your toddler for crying, and why something someone said to him once about his little girl growing up changed the way he looks at everything. 

Love, love how passionate this guy is about kids and their feelings. This is a dad who definitely appreciates every moment with his kid. And it's so true, at some point you'll pick up your child and it'll be the last time. If that's not enough to break a parent's heart right open, what is?

Commenters were totally getting the importance of everything this dad said.
"I was told my whole childhood “don’t you cry” as I was being yelled at. I now have a hard time crying. I hold In my emotions. Im 47."
"Yessss! Telling them not to cry is soo damaging. My son will never be ashamed of having emotions. They are normal and hard!!"
"I pick up my ten year old. She tells me it makes her feel little again. I carry her as long as I can"
"I vividly remember when I stopped holding my dad's hand everywhere, he did too. I wish I had known better"

What we need are more dads like this one. There's no question we would have more emotionally well-adjusted kids.