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Mom Threatens to “Tell Dad” On Her Daughter and Her Reaction Is Hilarious

She changed her tune quickly

The disciplinarian in each family is always different — sometimes, one parent is known as being the one who will lay down the law, while the other is the one a kid would want to call when they're in trouble and want to avoid the harsh consequences. As parents, sometimes we fall into these roles without meaning to. It just is what it is! 

And try as we might to keep it from happening, our kids always figure out which parent is which early in life, just like this little girl on TikTok has. When she wasn't listening to her mom while she was trying to work, all Mom had to do was threaten to tell Dad and she was out of there... and boy did she make a memorable exit.

LOL. We sympathize with her, but also, good for Mom for pulling out the big guns! 


In the video, Mom asks her daughter to take a selfie with her, and she's happy to oblige... until she hears that her mom is taking this picture to show her dad that she isn't listening, at which point her face changes immediately.

She even trips on her way out of the room since she's in such a hurry to get out of there, which just goes to show that in their house, Dad is definitely the one you don't mess with! 

Many fellow parents in the comments could relate to this video. "Not sure what it is about the 'dad call' but it works every time lol," one mom wrote.

This selfie thing is a trick we'll have to keep in our back pockets for next time. It's genius, actually...