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Dad Creates a Hilarious Hack to Bring Daughter Food While She's Quarantined

He's not taking any chances.

There are few things worse than an illness that takes the entire household out — most seasoned parents will experience this kind of event at least once in their lives. And when there's a worldwide pandemic going on, the idea of passing germs around in the house becomes even less desirable, even if it might be inevitable.

Still, one dad out there was willing to really go the extra mile to make sure his kid had what she needed without putting himself at any additional risk. As his daughter shared on TikTok, Dad came up with a creative solution to bring her food to her room without exposing himself or anyone else in the house. He might be a genius for this!


"Dad feeding me while I'm quarantined," she wrote in the video. The footage included dad using a stick with a grabber on the end to reach into her room and give her an applesauce pouch without getting too close (and yes, he was masked up, too).

As silly as it might have looked, his method totally worked, and his daughter got her snack, so really, everybody won here. But other kids who have been sick recently weren't as lucky, according to what they wrote in the comments. 

"My dad just left trays of food in front of my door like I was a prisoner," one person wrote, while another added, "My dad sprayed Lysol at me." 

See? It could be worse! 

Here's hoping Dad stayed healthy after going to all that extra effort. He wasn't messing around!