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Dad Waited 23 Years to Confirm Daughter Was Biologically His and His Reaction When He Finds Out She’s a 99% Match Is Too Pure

They deserve this happiness.

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When it comes to parents and children, all that matters is love. Love and devotion is what makes somebody a parent, more than just biology. At the same time, if you weren't sure whether or not you had a genetic bond with your child, you'd definitely want to know. 

This beautiful video from @linnndseeey shows the hug a father and daughter shared when they finally found out, after waiting 23 years, that they are biologically parent and child. And it looks like this hug might go on forever.

"My dad went 23 years knowing there was a possibility I wasn't his, but still loved me unconditionally. 'You'll always be my baby girl. You're mine and that's that. I don't care.' This was the day we found out our DNA matched 99.999%."

So incredibly sweet. Of course it doesn't mean he loves his daughter any more than he already did, but it's still so meaningful. This just makes their bond even stronger. 

Commenters found this story so moving.

"The fact that he went 23 years without checking even tho he had doubts tells you everything you need to know"
"Complete opposite happened to me, found out at 18 we aren't biologically related...he continued to love me no matter what. A real man"
"I can't imagine the not knowing but also not wanting to know just in case you're not. That would be scary. Happy for you"
"I'm straight up sobbing this is so wholesome"
"My dad met my pregnant mom when he was 18 and he always loved me like his own, my mom asked if he ever wanted his 'own' child he said he already has"

This family has so many happy memories still to make!

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