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Dad Helps Daughter Get Back On Her Skateboard After a Fall in the Sweetest Way Ever

He's teaching her how to work with her fear.

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Thinking back to childhood, it seems like we've all had those moments where we've gotten hurt doing something we love and been afraid to try again — and now we're seeing that happen with our own kids. Even something as simple as falling off their bike can make it really intimidated to get back on and take the risk of falling off again.

But there's one dad on TikTok who's setting a great example for how to teach our children how to cope with fears like these. After his daughter fell down while practicing a skateboarding trick, she admitted she was scared to try again, but seeing her dad help her work through her fears is something even we needed to witness.


After taking a bad fall, the little girl turned to her dad for comfort, and there were even tears involved. After giving her a hug, Dad sprang into pep talk action, reminding her that she was doing great until she fell, and he had the perfect thing to say when she admitted that she was scared of falling down again. 

"Sometimes it's scary doing hard things, and it's totally up to you whether you want to give it a go right now," he told her.

Ultimately, she did decide that she wanted to try again, and with support of her dad and a little more practice, she mastered the trick she was trying to do without falling down.

This speaks volumes about the relationship these two must have. Way to go, Dad!