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Dad Comes to the Rescue When His Daughter Adorably Freaks Out About Getting a Splinter

They're a big deal for little kids!

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As adults, splinters are an inconvenience. But when you're a little kid, it might as well be the end of the world. Not only do they hurt going in, but a grown up (and sometimes, even a doctor) has to take it out. It's easy to see how that can be terrifying — and, in some cases, launch a total meltdown. 

One little girl on TikTok is giving us all the feelings as she let her dad remove her splinter (but not without a lot of freaking out). And as far as we can tell just from this short clip, her dad might just be one of the most patient guys in the word. 


This poor little one went through the full range of emotions: Scared, sad, curious, horrified. She begged for Dad to be gentle, and even though she was freaked, she still refused to look away. At one point, she even thought her dad was about to cut her finger off to get the splinter out and announced, "I've had this thumb for years!" Too cute.

And if anyone was wondering, there was a happy ending here. Dad got her splinter out, and she is alive and well — and yes, she got to keep her thumb.

"After she calmed down, we got it out and she laughed about it," Dad wrote in a comment.

We're glad to hear everything worked out okay. Maybe next time this little girl gets a splinter, she will be a little bit calmer.