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Father With Dementia’s Reaction to Daughter Calling Him ‘Dad’ Is Heartbreakingly Beautiful

Love doesn’t really ever fade...

Having a loved one with dementia is a truly heartbreaking experience for both the person who's going through it and the people who love them. And when it happens to a parent, it can be even more difficult as an adult child to watch their memories and who they once were fade away, even though we'd do anything to get that back.

One daughter shared a conversation she had with her dad, who has dementia, on TikTok. She calls him dad, and he doesn't like that, because he doesn't think he is her dad — but that doesn't mean he can't tell that she means something special to him, and the way he explains that is so beautiful to see.


Dad explained that he has "feelings" towards his daughter — he knows that he knows her and that she's important to him, he just doesn't know why or how. 

"In my mind and in my heart, you're my dad, and you will always be my dad," she says in the video. He agreed that he's okay with that, but takes her up on her offer to call him Scott instead of Dad to make him more comfortable.

"I love you too," her dad tells her. "We're family." 

The level of love and understanding between these two is so sweet to witness, even as they're going through something incredibly difficult. And as the daughter said in the video, as long as they understand they love each other, nothing else really matters.