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Straight Southern Dad Asks Gay Son to Put Him In Drag Makeup For the Most Beautiful Reason

Now this is what we call a good dad.

Not nearly enough queer children have the supportive parents they deserve, even in 2022, but there's one dad out there who is setting a great example of what it looks like to love and accept your children unconditionally. 

One man took to TikTok to share a sweet story about himself and his dad. According to him, his very southern father never wanted him to be "one of those gays," but one day, everything changed. He might be a very different person than his son is, but that hasn't stopped him from learning. Warning: This is a bit of a tearjerker! 


According to the video, the man's father asked him to put him in drag when he visited him in Georgia. He grew up in a very conservative part of Mississippi and struggled to understand his son and his life, which means the son was "super surprised" by his dad's request.

He asked his dad why he wanted to do it, and Dad said, "You know, I don't really understand this completely, but I see that it's really important to you, and as my child, I want to learn more about it." 

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Dad got dressed up as a southern belle, and was actually grinning when he saw the final product. Dad's looking good! And more importantly than that, his son knows that his father is willing to be an ally to him.

"It's a good reminder for all of us to lean into those things that make us uncomfortable to show the people in our lives how much they mean to us," the son said.

Good job, Dad — we just wish every kid in the world had a father like this one.

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