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Dad’s Emotional Reaction to Kids’ Cartoons Is Something Every Parent Can Relate To

Bluey has done this to me several times...

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Does anyone ever get the feeling that some kids' shows are more aimed for the parents who are watching with their children? Sometimes, we'll be on the couch, watching our kids' favorite show with them, and get hit by a super emotional scene that flies over their heads but pierces us right in the heart. And it seems like this is happening more and more often! 

There's at least one dad out there who knows what this is like. In a video captured by his wife, we got to see a dad react to a particularly emotional episode of Go! Go! Cory Carson. One scene from the show even brought him to tears!


This poor dad walked in to tell his wife that the kids on the show had been going on a scavenger hunt for their grandpa... only for the big reveal to be about the grandpa's love for his grandchildren. Hearing the whole plot in his words is really enough to bring the rest of us to tears right along with him! 

Fortunately, he's not alone in this. Plenty of people flocked to the comments to share that they've found themselves in the same situation (especially while watching Bluey).

"This is me with Bluey. Especially the episode where Bluey finds the injured bird," one mom commented. 

"Reminds of the night I came home to see my son and husband huddled under a blanket, watching The Good Dinosaur and sobbing!!!" another added.

Once in awhile, our kids' favorite shows give us the reason we were looking for to have a good cry. They'll understand someday!