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Dad’s Reaction to Learning Daughter Has Her First Boyfriend Is So Wholesome

Aww it’ll be ok, dad!

As much as every parent wants their kid to grow up to be happy and independent, boy can it be hard to see it happen! One day, we're watching our kids take their first steps, and the next, they're dating — and it all happens in the blink of an eye. 

Knowing this, it's easy to understand why one dad got a little emotional when he found out that his daughter had her first boyfriend. She broke the news to him over lunch, and a stealthily set up camera caught his reaction. Yes, there were tears!


It’s impossible not to smile, listening to this girl talk about the new boy in her life — who, she says, is “probably” smarter than he because “he’s really good at math and science.” You have to hear the excitement in her voice — she’s totally smitten! And hearing how open she is with her dad about it all, he clearly did something right. 

At one point, Dad starts getting emotional, and it's so wholesome to watch... especially since there were plenty of parents in the comments who totally got it.

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"I remember that first talk with my daughter. No one will be good enough for them in our eyes," one fellow parent wrote.

"The fact that she is telling you is huge," another user said. "Love that she trusts you, and your response is so sweet."

It's definitely bittersweet to watch our kids grow up (especially since it happens so fast!) but like this dad wrote in his caption, they'll always be our babies.

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