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Little Girl Calls Dad by His First Name and He Hates It

Hey Mike!

The most common first word for babies is generally "Dada," so it's funny when a little kid decides to call their father by their first name instead of using "dad" or "daddy." What motivates them to use first names instead? Maybe it's because they're always hearing their mom call dad by his real name and they're following her lead. Maybe they're just a little confused.

Or maybe, as seems to be the case in this video from @brittikitty, the little girl prefers to call her dad by his name, Mike, because he hates it. We all know how kids love to get a rise out of their parents. That's just a good time. 


So hilarious. That little voice..."Here you go, Mike!" According to the mom, "We get this question a lot- yes, she still calls him Mike but she prefers Michael now. It's just getting harder to catch on video!"

Aww, how adorable is that? She calls him Michael now? Somehow that's even cuter than Mike. Probably someday she'll start calling him "dad," as she gets older and conforms more to society's expectations. Or maybe she won't! If that's the case, hopefully dad will get used to it. 

Commenters thought this girl was so entertaining, and could totally relate...
"my almost 2 y old calls me by my first name, if i dont respond to mom fast enough... i birthed that monster"
"my son did the same thing until the first day at school then I was mom"
"The way she whispered Mike after he corrected her She knows what she's doing."
"ohh little princess knows how to push he's buttons already"
"My son calls me ‘mother’ like it’s the 1880’s been doing it since he was little and at 16 he still does"
"Every time she said Mike in this video I saw a little bit of his soul leave him"

Kids. You just never know what they're going to come out with. As she gets older, though, she very well might switch over to "dad" (as she meets more and more kids who call  their parents the traditional terms). Either way, she and Mike love each other very much!