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Dad Announces He’s Watching the Game With His Buddies and Mom Melts When She Finds Out What He Means

He’s one of the good ones.

Usually, when a dad announces he's going off to watch the game with his buddies, that means a night of solo parenting for mom. During certain times of the year, some people just have to accept the fact that their significant other is going to be distracted to some degree when big sports stuff is happening.

In this video from @theswinneyseven, a husband told his wife that he was going to watch the game with his buddies, but as it turns out, he never even left the house. You'll never believe where she found him...


Awww. If that's not just the sweetest thing ever. Look how happy the kids are to be included in a ritual that's important to their dad! This is family bonding at its best, for sure. It's so heartwarming to see that this father has found a way to take one of his passions and include his children in it, rather than shut them out. 
"Guys, I think I married one of the good ones" wrote the mom, and commenters had to agree:
"That’s what it’s all about right there"
"thats one Hell of a father right there!!!"
"the baby like can I go now lol"
"The baby might cheer for another team lowkey"
"He's a keeper"
"You guys have a beautiful family! And that's a GREAT dad.."

Truly, a beautiful family with a great bonding tradition. Love those jerseys!