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Dad's Reaction To Going to a Harry Styles Concert With His Daughter Is Everything

No bored looks here.

When trying to pick the perfect concert date, most teens and people in their early twenties don't immediately think about going with their dad. After all, who has the same taste in music as their father at that age?! But as it turns out, dads can actually be a lot of fun in settings like these... even if the artist they're going to see isn't their cup of tea. It's proof of how sweet the father/daughter bond can really be!  

One lucky daughter shared her experience of going to see Harry Styles in concert with her dad. Obviously, a dad like him isn't necessarily Harry's target audience... but that didn't matter to this father who was just trying to have a good time with his grown up kid!


In the video, the daughter shares the expectation of most dads at concerts: photos of men looking out of place and like they'd rather be anywhere else. Then, there's her dad... and he's way more ready to party than we ever would have expected! 

We're talking jumping, singing, and dancing — all while wearing a Harry Styles t-shirt and a matching pair of pants covered in Harry's face. This is one dude who looks like a good time! 

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She referred to him as an "icon" in her caption, and we can't disagree! 

There's no doubt this daughter will remember going to the concert with her dad forever. He might have looked a little silly, but they both got to have fun and make an awesome memory.

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