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Woman Gets Cheated On During Pregnancy But her Dad Swoops In to Save the Day

Every girl deserves a dad like that.

Even in the best of situations, pregnancy can be a total emotional rollercoaster... so when something goes wrong during that time like dealing with infidelity, it's easy to understand why it feels like the world is over. Hormones, preparing for a new phase of life, and getting cheated on? That's something no one should have to go through.

But when bad things happen, that means it's our support system's time to shine, and boy did it when one woman dealt with infidelity while she was expecting. As she shared on TikTok, her dad stepped up in a major way, saving the day like only dads can.


She started the video explaining where she was early in her pregnancy: "Getting cheated on, realizing I'm gonna have to go through pregnancy alone."

But then, she shared a photo of her and her dad standing belly to belly while she was very pregnant, writing, "My dad not leaving my side... for a single second." 

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Cue the waterworks as she shared photos and videos of her and her dad together, including him accompanying her to doctor's appointments and tying her shoes for her when she couldn't reach her feet anymore. So sweet! 

It doesn't look like the baby's been born just yet, but this Paw Paw seems excited to meet his future grandchild — and there's no doubting the love he has for his daughter.

May every pregnant person out there have a Dad like this, standing behind them every step of the way.

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