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Dad Turns Into Kangaroo Much to "Joey’s" Delight After Spotting Them at the Zoo

He’s a keeper.

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If you're a parent, there's a good chance you've spent many, many hours at your local zoo. Not only does it help foster a love and appreciation of learning about animals in your child, but it's a great, fun way to kill time that even the adults in the group can enjoy. No matter how many times we go back, there's always something (or someone) new to see. 

But this adorable dad on TikTok decided to really take it to the next level during a family zoo day. He didn't just go there to see animals... he went there to become them — or at least, act like one, anyway. 

In the video, Dad's hopping around with his daughter zipped into the front of his jacket, pretending he's the mama kangaroo and she's the joey — and judging by those precious baby giggles, we can tell that she was having the time of her life.

"POV: Your toddler saw kangaroos at the zoo and your husband immediately turned her into his joey and that's how you know that you married the right one," Mom wrote in her video, set to a cover of Coldplay's song "Yellow." 

"I was baffled yet delighted when they came hopping along," she added in a caption.

Viewers were eating this precious content right up, sharing how much they loved it in the comments — and more than one person compared them to the beloved animated father/daughter dog duo, Bandit and Bluey. We can see it! 

"That's a core memory for both of them right there," one person wrote.

A core memory indeed. We love that they have this moment on video to keep forever.