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What Actually Happens When a Dad Says 'I Got the Kids' at a Birthday Party

A mom's never really off duty.

Is it just us, or are kids' birthday parties absolutely exhausting? Even if we're not hosting, we still have to get the kids ready and out of the house... and then follow them around to make sure they don't eat 15 cupcakes and break stuff in a house that doesn't belong to them. By the time the party's over, we're all ready for a nap... and meanwhile, our partner is usually off somewhere socializing. Must be nice! 

So when that partner says he's got the kids at the next party we go to, it sounds like music to our ears — except, as moms, we're too smart to believe that. And as one TikTok illustrates, Dad's version of watching the kids at a party may not be getting the job done.


Mom documented how the party went after Dad proclaimed that he had the kids this time, and it went probably exactly how you're predicting. The kids are running around, getting into all kinds of mischief, and meanwhile, every time the camera is on their dad, he's chatting with another adult and, once, even sitting down to eat, kid-free. 

We see how well that turned out! And of course, Mom isn't alone in this experience, according to the comments. 

"We have a party on Saturday & my husband told me this… I just know it's a lie!" one person wrote. Another added, "Hide the kids next time and see how long it takes for him to realize they are gone. That’s a fun one." 

We might have to try that...