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Dad Consents to Matching Family Outfits and It’s Adorable

"We're cute!"

There are two kinds of families. Actually, there are quite a few different kinds of families, but for the purpose of this story, there are two: families who dress in matching outfits and families who would never in a million years dress in matching outfits. Of course, even in families who dress in matching outfits, you have to wonder if at least one member of the family is just playing along to make everybody else happy. 

In this video from @thecordlefamily, it's the dad who's being a good sport. "Matching my wife because I know she wants me to," he wrote, and filmed himself surprising his wife by wearing a pair of shorts that matched his wife and daughter's outfits. His wife could not have been more pleased.


Seriously, could she have been any more excited? She's right, they do look seriously cute, but her rationale for why they need to match is downright hilarious. This way, nobody will pick either spouse up! They clearly belong to each other. Hey, it's not the worst idea...especially for a toddler to match their parents, just in case they get lost. The funniest part of the whole thing is how the baby keeps asking for a book the whole time. "Book? Book?" She doesn't care if she matches anybody, she just wants it to be storytime

Commenters were proud of the dad for sucking it up and matching his family, though some mentioned that he could have been a tiny bit more enthusiastic about the whole thing:
“it’s like we have name tags without our names on them” SO CUTE"
"she does got a point you guys do look cute"
"The love in her eyes when she saw you decided to do something so simple but cute for her" 

Awww. We're sure this family got lots of smiles wherever they went in these outfits!