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Dad Has The Best Reaction To Seeing 2-Year-Old Son With Down Syndrome Take His First Steps

What a magical moment to capture on film!

No matter where your kid falls on the neurodiversity scale, whenever they hit a milestone (be it early or late) we rejoice at getting to watch them evolve. The pace might be different, and what is considered a milestone may vary, but the joy parents feel when their kids hit them is pretty universal.

However, we’d say that for parents of neurodiverse and differently abled, there is something extra sweet about being part of said milestones. One dad’s happiness is utterly palpable in a video update of this sweet young boy’s first time walking. 


The beginning of the video starts out with the little boy, Salem standing perfectly straight and independently for the first time. When dad registers what is going on and about to happen, a look of shocked joy ran all over his face as he stood there mouth agape staring at his little man. Salem then takes a few quick steps before tumbling down, which causes dad and the entire room to erupt in clapping.

Online, people were cheering just as hard. 

“Don’t know who has the biggest kid smile… the kid or the dad,” commented one follower.

“Awe way to go Salem!!!! You are right where you’re supposed to be!!” encouraged another supporter.

Little Salem has a lot of people rooting for him, and we know that he is going to grow up extremely loved and celebrated at every stage of his life.