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Dad Paces Around House with Stroller For a While But Hasn’t Noticed What’s Missing

Mom also has no intention of telling him.

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Ah, the life of a sleep-deprived parent. One second, you're wheeling the baby around in the stroller, the next, you're...wheeling the baby around in the stroller? Except you're holding the baby? Wait, what happened?

The dad in this video from @whataboutaub clearly started out pushing his baby daughter in her stroller to get her to sleep. Back and forth, back and forth. And then at some point, clearly the baby cried to be picked up. But dad forgot that while he was carrying the baby, he could stop pushing the stroller.

OMG, it's just too funny. Every parent has been there. And if not exactly there, they've been close to it. It's just hilarious what fatigue will do to you. (It's better to think of it as hilarious, anyway, as opposed to tragic.)

Commenters completely understood what this dad was going through, but they really just wanted to know if the beautiful place where this dad was walking the baby was actually their home?
"What in the Encanto house is going on haha"
"What in the Klaus Mikaelson New Orleans mansion is this?"
"Why is he barefoot at the Olive Garden?"
"What in the Casa Madrigal?"
"Why do you have an Italian villa in your living room?"

These are all valid questions, because the place the dad is walking the baby around is legit beautiful and if that's their house, well, wow. But no matter where this is happening, it's a super relatable situation!