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Husband Who’s Gone for Work Before the Kids Wake Up Has Sweetest Daily Tradition

That’s a good dad right there.

One of the trickiest things about modern-day family life is coordinating everybody's schedules. Between jobs and school and lessons and all the conflicting start and finish times, it can be tough for family members to spend quality time together on a daily basis, So you kind of have to find other ways to connect with your children, which the dad in this video from @themomwhoshouldbeworking has done in the most amazing way. Unfortunately, he has to leave for work in the morning before the kids are up and it's still dark out. So he doesn't get to help get everybody out the door in the morning and wish his kids the best for the day, but he's still managed to find a way to let them know they're thinking about them every making the most amazing drawings on napkins in their lunchboxes.


What a talented guy! And not only that, what a sweet, devoted dad. He sits down every night and puts all that time and effort into those pictures just because he wants his kids to know that daddy is thinking about them. And he's so amazingly creative, too! The fact that he can come up with new and interesting designs every day is pretty impressive in and of itself. His kids must be so proud to show them off every day to their friends! (Do you think the other kids go home and complain because they don't get fancy napkins too?) Commenters just loved everything about what this dad is doing:
"Coming from someone with an artistic father, NEVER stop doing this! This is something they will remember and cherish forever"
"This. This is the effort people don’t realize lives on for GENERATIONS in the family. Just like trauma does but way better. Go dad go"
"Precious!! My girl a teen now & still appreciates little sketches on her lunch notes!"
Positive traditions are so important in families, and this dad is so inspiring!