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Husband’s Reaction to Finding Out Wife Is Pregnant Is Too Perfect

He made us tear up!

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Most people will always remember where they were when they found out they were going to be a parent — whether they were the ones taking the pregnancy test or on the receiving end of the announcement. It's a big day in a future parent's life. Even with nine months of pregnancy to prepare before baby actually arrives, nothing will ever be the same after that second line appears on the positive test! 

Knowing that, there's something really special about watching videos of pregnancy announcements, especially when we get to see someone find out that they're about to become a dad. But after seeing this one that's currently making the rounds on TikTok, we can see what happens when an announcement doesn't go quite the way that the mom-to-be was expecting! 

This future mama used a pregnancy reveal idea that's been around for awhile now, but it's still just as good. She put a literal bun in the oven and had him open it up to find it. At first,  he was confused (as most people would be) — he didn't even get it after she repeated the phrase "bun in the oven" multiple times.

In fact, he didn't catch on until a few moments later, after she'd explained to him that it needed time to grow until April, at which point the bun would be fully cooked. When it did hit him, though, he was an emotional mess. So many tears! 

Though many people in the comments thought this was super cute, others were convinced that, because of the time it took him to understand what was going on, the video was staged.

"I have to admit to a tiny bit of fear for the bun's future," one person joked.

Whether he was playing dumb or really hadn't let it sink in yet, we can tell that he's excited to be a dad. How cute!