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Son Practically Jumps for Joy Watching Dad Open Gifts He Picked Out for His Birthday

He was so proud of himself!

Little kids are, without a doubt, the most enthusiastic gift-givers of all time. Especially if they're in on the present from the beginning, as in, they went shopping with you and helped to pick out the gift. They get so excited anticipating how excited the recipient will react that the whole exchange becomes that much more fun. Their enthusiasm is infectious.

Just take the little boy in this video from @rockstar_glam. He is SO excited for his dad to open his birthday present that he's practically bouncing up and down. This is a kid who definitely went shopping for these gifts with mom and helped her pick out just the right items. And he's just so dang proud. 


Such a sweetie! Little ones are so pure, they truly do get joy just from bringing happiness to other people, even when there's nothing in it for them. (Which is not to say that the little boy doesn't think those screwdrivers are pretty cool and maybe dad will let him have a turn with one.)

Commenters just loved the sweetness of this father-son bonding moment..
"those 10 dollars worth of tools will be the most prized tools in this man's toolbox. these are the priceless moments any dad lives for. solid kid"
"his love language is gift giving for sure. look how excited he is."
"kids are so cute when they start opening presents for you"
"I remember getting my dad wrenches and screwdrivers more than 60 yrs ago. He was happy as you are. thank for reminding me of the memory"
"Love how dads always say...I needed this lol"
"Love love love this!! I always let me kids pick a gift for their dad… one has given him a hammer every year"