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Dad Recently Released From Prison Helps Adult Daughter Cope With Chemo

It’s day 2 of freedom and you can tell he’s been waiting to be a dad.

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Cancer is one of the most challenging experiences a person can go through, and the need for support is immense. When you're going through treatment, suffering through side effects, afraid of the future, you need loved ones to help keep you strong and dry your tears and bring you anything and everything you need. And where you get that support matters, too.

In this heartbreaking video from @lifesizebarbie90. we meet a woman who was diagnosed with stomach cancer when she was just three months postpartum. That must have been an unimaginably scary diagosis, but there was one silver lining; this month, her dad was released from prison after 33 years and he has decades of parental support saved up for just this moment. As you'll see in this clip, he is all about being there for his daughter in every way possible. 

So emotional. That poor woman is going through so finally have her dad back at this crucial moment in her life seems like nothing short of a miracle. Her dad has worked on himself for years, and he's ready to put his daughter's needs ahead of his own and do whatever it is she needs. He's probably an amazing new granddad, too.  "My dad was released from prison 12/6 after 33 years and jumped right into action for his baby girl. Every daughter needs her father," the daughter wrote.

The comment section was full of well wishes, and people who were so happy that this girl finally got her dad back. With her dad by her side, she's sure to feel stronger by the day.

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