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Dad Enlists Toddler’s Help to Propose to His Mom and It Goes Adorably Wrong

We’d pick the cookies too.

Involving loved ones in a marriage proposal is nothing new, but it's usually much easier when we're talking about fellow adults in the family... not toddlers who are new to walking (and new to being humans in general). 

Still, one dad was totally up for the challenge when he decided to propose to the mother of his child. As he shared on TikTok, he decided to have his son take the engagement ring in to his mom to surprise her, and while it seemed to be going off without a hitch at first, that was absolutely not the case! 


In the midst of his mission, the little boy tripped, dropping the ring and landing on the floor... and then, instead of going straight to his mom, he even walked to the bed to grab a package of Chips Ahoy cookies he'd spotted during his fall. 

Sure, he ruined the proposal... but how much were they really expecting out of a baby this age? When it comes to cookies or delivering an engagement ring, cookies win out every single time. 

At that point, Dad tried to salvage it by getting him to pick up the ring and hand it to his mom, but nope — cookies. And according to Dad's other videos, Mom did say yes, so that's all that really matters.

The proposal didn't go as planned, but it did end up being a really funny story to tell. This little guy isn't going to able to live this down!