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Dad Gets Emotional When Paying Daughter Back After Borrowing Her Birthday Money

For the parents who’ve been there, we know just how hard this is.

When our kids receive money for their birthdays or from the tooth fairy, we know how their faces light up, thinking about the things they could save up to buy that are totally their own. It's adorable to watch them take their stash of cash to the store and proudly pay for what they painstakingly picked out. But some parents who have truly struggled to make ends meet also know what it's like to have to ask their children to borrow some of that cash they've squirreled away so their family can survive until the next paycheck.

It's a heartbreaking thing to do, even for parents who immediately pay their kids back — if you've been there, you know what we're talking about. One dad on TikTok filmed the moment he paid his daughter back, and it ended up becoming a pretty emotional moment. 


Dad called his daughter into the room, reminding her that a long time ago, their family was "struggling" and he borrowed money from her to buy groceries and pay bills.

"It took a lot out of me to come ask you to borrow your birthday money, which was $100," he said, his voice breaking as he tried not to cry. "It bothered me for a very long time, but I was so thankful that you were willing to help out your family with no problem." 

He was finally able to pay his daughter back after complimenting her for how she was willing to make a sacrifice for the good of their family, and it all ended in the sweetest hug shared between them.

Anyone else crying, or just us? 

We know how hard this must have been for this dad, and this little girl has such a big heart, even at her young age. Hopefully, he will never have to be in this position again.