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Dad Actually Eats Sand Birthday ‘Cake’ Toddler Made and His Reaction Has Us In Stitches

Little man was not expecting that reaction.

Playing in the sand can be risky business when kids are involved! They have so much fun (especially when the sand in question is at the beach) but it does get a little messy... and sometimes, they end up making us concoctions that they pretend is food. Yep, this happens when they're playing in mud in the backyard, too. Parents everywhere know the drill! 

Fortunately, most kids would never actually expect their parents to eat said concoctions, so when one dad actually did, the reaction that ensued was priceless! We're so glad this was captured on camera!


While hanging at the beach, a toddler made his dad a birthday cake out of sand, using a sifter as a plate, and proudly presented it to him when he was done. After he blew out the candle, the kid told his dad, "now eat it." And much to the tot's bewilderment, Dad actually took a bite, ending up with a mouth full of sand.

The look on the little boy's face is hilarious — he's totally speechless! It's pretty clear that he never imagined his dad would actually try to eat sand. The look on his face is the best thing we've seen all day, especially as he looks over at the person filming in total disbelief.

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This little guy might think twice the next time he offers his dad something he made outside. After all, who knows if Dad will eat it or not?

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