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Baby Surprises Dad in the Shower by Climbing in… Clothes and All

And she could not be any cuter.

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Babies! You never know what they're going to do next, but odds are, it's going to be really cute (even if it's a little big mischievous). Where do they get their ideas? And  once they start crawling, they can end up in the strangest of just the blink of an eye.

In this hilarious video from @sandradavis96, an adorable baby has invaded her daddy's shower. Fully clothed. Just crawled on in through the crack in the door, then sat there and let the shower hit her like rain and smiled. OMG. Dad might've thought he wanted privacy, but this is a whole lot cuter.

She's such a riot! It's like she almost knows she did something funny,but she's also just going with the flow Wonder what she thought Daddy was doing? Having grownup bathtime, no doubt. She definitely looked entertained. 

Commenters thought this little girl was so adorable, with quite a lot of people sharing stories about their own babies crawling to unexpected places at laser speed. 
"the way they aren't even that fast until you turn your back and they're already across the house"
"she is SO proud"
"these babies dont give not even 1% of a damn"
"My daughter does this to my husband all the time as well she keeps scaring him"
"She's like 'Mom I found Dad!'"

It's true, once they're on the move, all bets are off. And it's safe to say Daddy's days of showering on his own are over for a while. 

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