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Dad Shares How Fast He Gives Up When Taking Care of Kids While Mom is Sick

Laying in bed is so much easier.

There are few things more difficult than trying to be a parent and be sick at the same time — and unfortunately, this happens a lot more frequently than you think when your kid is still adjusting to daycare and school germs. Being a mom doesn't stop just because you're not feeling well, though having a partner around to help is key... though sick dads aren't always the most helpful! 

After all, solo parenting is not for the weak, and the phrase "man flu" exists for a reason — sorry to any dudes who might be out there reading this. One dad was even willing to make a video about the subject for TikTok, and he definitely has us laughing.


The video starts with the caption "Husbands after watching the kids for 30 minutes when their wife is sick..." and features a dad who looks exhausted coming into the bedroom where his wife is resting. "I think I'm getting what you have," he says, looking into the camera.

Faking sick to get away from the kids? A dad would never! (Do you sense the sarcasm?) 

Lots of moms related to this video and commented to share their own stories. "Yes I can confirm, my husband also starts his period the same day as me," one woman wrote.

Another mom added, "I can’t just be sick by myself without my husband 'getting' what I got but 'WORSE'." 

We get it, dads — taking care of the kids alone isn't easy, but most of us do it all the time. Let mama get her rest!