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Dad’s Hack For Getting Kids to Sleep In Is Pure Genius

We’re stealing this.

What is it with kids and getting up early? It seems like the younger they are, the earlier they want to start the day, even on weekends... and they don't care if Mom or Dad needs a little extra time to catch up on sleep. (Hey kids, the reason we're always so tired is you!)

If you still haven't figured out how to keep your kids in bed late into the morning, fear not. One dad on TikTok has figured out the perfect hack for getting your kids to sleep in... or at least, to stay tucked into bed, even if they're awake — in the end, does it really matter which they're doing? 


"Told my kids last night that the last one out of bed this morning gets to decide what we get to do today," Dad wrote.

It looks like it worked, because he's relaxing on the couch next to his dog, not a kid in sight. This man is a genius! 

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With more than 580k likes on the video, it seems like plenty of parents out there will heed his advice next weekend. And, to our benefit, other parents chimed in with hacks of their own.

"I do this at Christmas! Last one up opens first present. Win for this mum who can sleep in once done delivery presents late at night," one mom wrote.

"Now if they last 'til 12 you can say that the morning is over and that no one won so you get to decide," another person chimed in.

Yes, we're writing this all down. Anyone else looking forward to a little extra sleep on Saturday?

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