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Dad Goes Shopping For Daughter’s First Sleepover and It’s Too Cute

He’s so excited to make them breakfast!

There are different parenting milestones that we all get excited for, especially as our kids get older and start making friends. Some of us look forward to signing our kids up for sports and becoming soccer moms. And some of us really look forward to being the house that hosts every sleepover and every movie night. 

This dad on TikTok was definitely ready for his daughter to start having sleepovers and planning get togethers with her friends, and this video is all the proof we need. He decided to go all out for her first sleepover, and it's too cute to see how excited he is about it.


He went shopping to make sure that he could prepare a rather extravagant breakfast for his daughters and her friends when they wake up the next morning, and it's so sweet to see how pumped he is about it. He even shared footage of himself at the grocery store, and he thought of everything. We're talking multiple juice options, the "fancy milk," and even powdered sugar to go on top of the pancakes, which he said his daughter called "the height of luxury." 

"There are 7 girls. I definitely bought too much, but I'm excited. I really want to make sure it's good," he said. 

The next morning, he showed the full spread, which turned out to be super impressive (and daughter approved).

The other parents are going to have a hard time topping this when it's someone else's turn to host the sleepover!