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Dad’s Song He Wrote For Infant Son Is Both Catchy and Heartwarming

He’ll cherish this forever.

Singing to babies isn't a new concept — parents have been doing it forever. Hearing a parent's voice can go a long way in calming a crying baby down, whether they're singing a lullaby or one of their own favorite songs. 

But this new dad really took things a step further. He's a singer named Connor Price, and he wrote a song for his son called "Jude's Song." And when he recorded it, he had his baby boy on his lap for a little extra inspiration (and he seemed to love the extra time with Dad!). 


"I can't wait 'til you're old enough when we can sit and have conversations/ Tell me all about what you want from life and all of your aspirations," Connor sings. "Show me your favorite movies/ I make these songs while you sleep/ Every word was written for you." 

In the rest of the clip, he sings about how he'll always be there for his son, no matter what life brings — yep, this is the sweetest.

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Thousands of people commented on the video, talking about how they wished they had a dad who expressed his feelings like this.

"Love that he will grow up knowing these words were written for him," one user wrote, while another added, "and all of a sudden I want to be a parent?" 

Maybe one day, Jude will grow up to make music with his dad. But until then, he seems to be a happy audience for any new songs Connor wants to test out.

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