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Security Camera Captures Kid Accidentally Spilling Hot Soup On Dad and the Internet Is Praising Him for How He Handled It

We all grew up in the same household

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This video from @edkoifish seems like just a regular #andnothingcangowrong video: A kid is walking along carrying a bowl of hot soup, like nothing could go wrong, when whoops! He somehow slips and the soup in his hand flies out and spills all over his dad's back. Forehead slap. But the dad is chill, he just puts the soup down and helps his kid up. Seems simple enough, right? But something interesting started happening in the comments...commenter after commenter chimed in to say how their dads would have handled things differently. 


"I would get a whooping for that, doesn’t matter how injured I am," said one commenter. "Awwww the way he didn’t get mad at him and actually picked him up," said another. "My mom would've beat me for tripping," noted yet another. And finally, one commenter summed it all up: "How sad all of us had the same parents that would have yelled for making a mistake. Now I’m crying."
It's definitely sad and sobering how many people reacted to this video wishing their own parents would have reacted as compassionately. How horrible for any child to accidentally spill soup and have to suffer physical punishment for their mistake. It's the worst possible message you could possibly send to your kid, whereas the dad in the video is sending the message that it's okay to fall down sometimes, he'll be there to help you up. That's how all kids should feel.