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Dad Has the Ultimate Trick For Diffusing Toddler Tantrum

We’re definitely going to try this!

Toddlers are notoriously moody creatures, but their moods can sometimes be redirected if you know how to do it. WIth some luck, you can get a toddler to go from grumpy to gleeful in a matter of moments. You just have to know how to trick them out of their funk. 

The dad in this video from once saw a video on Facebook about what to do if a toddler is having a tantrum, and decided to try it when his daughter started having a meltdown at the table. The results: Shockingly effective. 


So funny! What a totally genius idea. The little girl completely forgot why she was crying in the first place. Now she's just having a great time playing this silly game with her mommy and daddy. 

Commenters were super amused and thought this trick was a brilliant idea.
"OMG when she fakes it"
"so smart and she's so adorable"
"So cute fascinating and brilliant, that adorable baby is a squishy"
"That is a great redirection!"
"Great video to teach on parent and child relationship and tantrum management. Thank you for this useful video"
"Damn this is a pro move"

Some commenters were also concerned that the little girl wasn't getting to express her feelings fully, but the parents explained in the comment that they still talked about why she was upset once she was calmed down (her spoon was the wrong color, apparently). It's always easier to talk about your feelings when you've calmed down a bit!