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Wife Loses Husband In Target and Finds Him Doing the Sweetest Thing

She isn’t even pregnant yet!

If you get distracted by how cute the tiny baby clothes are when you go shopping, you're not alone! Whether you have a baby of your own or not, it's hard not to ooh and aah over how cute that section of the store happens to be when you pass by. And if you plan to become a parent someday, it's not unheard of to pick up a couple of things you can save for when you actually get to put them to use! 

This happened for one couple who shared the moment on TikTok, and it made us so excited for them to become parents one day. One woman lost her husband in Target (this happens more commonly than you might think), but what was really sweet was where she found him. 


She found him in the baby clothes section of the store, kneeling down to look at some onesies... despite the fact that they don't have kids and aren't even pregnant yet! And when she asked him what he was doing, he showed her how the little sewn-on hand flaps would protect their future baby's hands if he got cold. 

He even picked out a cute sweater outfit that they decided to buy that day for their future baby. So sweet! 

"He is always making comments about things he will do after we have a baby. He’s so excited for that to happen one day!" she wrote in the comments.

When the time comes, he's going to be a great dad... and they already have a head start on shopping!