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Dad-To-be Absolutely Loses It Over Cute Clothes Pregnant Wife Ordered for New Baby

This is too sweet.

Stereotypically, dads don't get all excited when mom comes home from the store with a big bag of baby clothes, but people are not stereotypes. You never know what kind of reaction you'll get, especially from a dad-to-be, who might be a little bit emotional. After all, his life is about to change in the biggest, best way possible!

In this video from @jessandscottie, we see a pregnant mom come home with her very first haul of clothes for their baby son to show her husband. And her husband is very, very excited to see every single piece of clothing.  


How sweet is that guy? He could not be more over-the-moon. The foot stomps! Holding the clothes like a little baby on his shoulder! He absolutely can't wait for his little guy to be born and fill up those clothes. He's going to have so much fun dressing him up and taking pictures together and snuggling and just soaking up all that baby deliciousness. 

Commenters thought the dad was absolutely adorable, with many of them declaring that they don't want husbands unless they're exactly like him...
"What until he realises baby will be smaller then all the clothes you bought."
"Omg he’s going to be the best dad ever"
"If my man isn’t like this I don’t want him"
"When he is old enough to understand, it will be such a blessing to watch these videos and see how cherished he was before he even arrived."
"If my future husband doesn’t freak out with me over baby clothes like Scottie then I don’t want it"
"Aside from the fact y’all are going to be amazing parents, the golden retriever energy of Scottie is unmatched!"

There's a good chance this dad is going to get excited about every outfit this baby boy wears for a long time. He might have to pick out a few himself!