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Father and Son Have The Cutest Bedtime Debate Ever

They have so much to say!

There is just nothing cuter than a toddler who can't quite talk yet but is convinced they can carry on a full conversation with an adult. They're so animated and passionate and yet...what are they "talking" about, exactly?

In this video from @amberbryan95, a ridiculously adorable toddler boy is carrying on a very dynamic discussion with his dad, presumably about bedtime. If one could translate toddler-speak, it sounds a lot like a dad who's telling his little one that it's time for bed and a little one who's telling his dad that he has no intention of going to bed anytime soon.


He is just too adorable. Clearly he has a big explanation for dad as to why now is not the time to get in the bed, but we're just not exactly sure what the basis for his argument is. Though the way he ended the conversation was pretty great (*silently hides in dark corner*).  

Commenters just couldn't handle the level of cute in this video:
"it's the little pointer for me!"
"I’ll just hide behind the dresser and you’ll never find me!"
"He had enough sense to back up before he finished saying what he had to say"
"I miss the baby arguments now my toddler just yells at me in full sentences"
"Baby: if I hide in this corner, I never have to go to bed"
"with negotiating skills like that i see a future lawyer"

These are the moments that make you wish they would stay little forever. Well, assuming they go to bed eventually.