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Dad Epically Duets 'We Don't Talk About Bruno' With Toddler In the Bath Tub

'Encanto' is for everyone.

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It's been well over seven months since Encanto was released and let's face it — most of us still aren't tired of the movie (or its amazing soundtrack). "We Don't Talk About Bruno" was a jam in December, and it's a jam now... and even the most reluctant of dads can't hesitate getting on board with that fact, it seems. 

Need proof? This TikTok video, which features a dad doing the most epic bath time duet of "We Don't Talk About Bruno" with his toddler. Mom managed to sneak the footage, and Dad's enthusiasm is totally contagious. He's really getting into it! 


There's something amazing about how animated the two of them get. They're both really feeling it — but then again, it's hard not to with a song like this. All the emotion is right there waiting for them.

It's no wonder that thousands of people commented on the video (and hundreds of thousands clicked that "like" button). So many are eating this performance up, and it's easy to see why. 

One person commented, "The only reason I learned the words was to sing with my kids like this." Aww! 

"Man I miss that age. My kids just get annoyed now when I belt out the bangers," a fellow dad wrote.

We're going to need more debuts from this duo in the future. They're talented... and hilarious.