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Dad Sweetly Teaches Trans Son How to Shave

He was clearly so proud to be there.

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There are some milestones that parents look forward to sharing with their kids, because they can finally share their hard-won wisdom with their offspring. It feels like what you're supposed to be doing as a parent. Whether it's that first ride around the block on the back of a bike (or behind the wheels of a car), or the first time cracking an egg or flipping a pancake. Another big one? Shaving.

This video from @enby_bird is so touching, because it shows a parent leading their child through this major milestone, and what makes it extra special is that the father's teen son is trans. As the teen wrote, "Shaving for the first time since starting T was a super special thing to share with my dad."

You've got to love how proud and happy the dad looks! He's "very happy" to be doing this with his son, who "can't stop smiling." It seems like this might be even more joyful than the average first shaving session. What beautiful things can happen when a child knows who they are and their parent acknowledges and appreciates them for their true selves.

Commenters were so touched by this scene, with many admitting that they were brought to tears. They also thought this teen was super lucky to have such an understanding and loving dad.
"Tell your dad I love him"
"I'm gonna cry that's so sweet"
"Protect this sweet dad at all costs! So happy you have such awesome support!"
"Now that's a dad right there"

It's not every day you see something this inspiring!

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