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Dad Explains Why He’s Happy to Be Up at 4:53 AM Waiting for Daughter to Come Home

The dad we all deserve...

With each new stage of our children's lives come new challenges for us as parents, and when they become teenagers, it's a totally new experience. It can be hard figuring out how to guide them while still giving them a chance to learn on their own. And even when they turn 18, they're still our kids — the dynamic just changes, even if they continue living under our roof. 

Parents never stop worrying about their grown up kids, and this dad on TikTok explains this feeling perfectly. Even though he's up before 5 AM, waiting for his daughter to come home, he's not mad about it — and he has the best reason. 


When he recorded the video, it was 4:53 AM and his 19 year old daughter was still out with her friends (we remember those days!). Like many parents, he didn't feel like he could go to sleep until he knew she was home safe, and he didn't mind at all, because just a year ago, his daughter stayed holed up in her room and didn't want to go out at all. 

He pushed her to get a job to get her out of the house and to meet new people, and as it turned out, it actually worked. Now, she's out late all the time, and best of all, she sends her dad photos from her adventures while she's having fun.

"It brings me so much happiness that I pushed her.  It's out of my comfort zone, sitting here at five in the morning, waiting for her to get here. But I sit here eagerly, waiting to hear about her night," he said.

He might be tired, but he knows that his child is happier than she once was, and that is such a gift. Way to go, Dad — we know his daughter must be thankful for how he loves her.