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Mom Playfully Ribs Dad For His Week-Long Work Trip and TBH We feel Seen

Ah yes, honey, enjoy all that uninterrupted sleep!

In general, people don't love going on work trips. It's not like going on a vacation or anything; there are meetings and conferences and your time is not your own. On the other hand, you do get lots of grown-up time all to yourself, which is why a work trip sounds like a vacation to the parent who's staying at home to take care of the kids.

In this video from @mummysflippinhouse, dad is getting dropped off at the airport for a work trip, and mom is clearly set on holding a grudge already. But she's not complaining...she's just telling him to "have fun" in a variety of different ways. 

They're all such great zingers, it's hard to pick a favorite. "Say to daddy have fun sleeping through the night for a week." "Have fun being a single person with your own brain." "Have fun being able to listen to music that's not DIsney." "Have fun being able to have clothes that don't have spit up on it." And, at last: "Have fun being human."
It's a rough position to be in on either side: The parent who has to travel doesn't have a choice, but they end up feeling guilty anyway; the parent staying home knows the other one has to go and understands that it's not their fault, but they can't help holding a grudge anyway. 

Commenters were more than understanding:
"Oh man, my husband went on a 3 day work trip 13 years ago. Still rub it in his face every chance I get."
"Have fun eating your meal while it’s still nice and warm!"
"the worst, when they come home tired from their week away.."
"Have fun pooping alone. Have fun getting to watch your shows!!!! lol"
"I bet he’s even going to drink several coffees HOT"
"Have fun being able to hear your own thoughts"

Those comments are so spot-on. Of course the mom was just poking fun, as she clarified in the comments, and her husband knew she wasn't really mad. Just...a little bit mad.