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Dad DIYs Popular Pacifiers and People Are Calling Him a Genius

A dad’s gotta do what a dad’s gotta do!

This word might have been foreign to us before kids, but for many parents, "WubbaNub" is a way of life. Sure, many kids are attached to their pacifiers, but others are attached to the plushies attached to their pacifiers. There's only one problem: These pacifiers are a bit more expensive than others, so replacing them every time they go missing or break can really add up. 

One enterprising dad out there managed to find a solution, though. As he shared on TikTok, his son has become particularly enamored by the blue dino WubbaNub, so when it falls out, Dad expertly reattaches it. It's no wonder he figured it out — he has triplets, so multiply the cost of each WubbaNub times three! 


And considering WubbaNubs easily go for about $15 (or more) a pop, we imagine this dad is saving a load of cash in the process. 

Parents of fellow WubbaNub obsessed kids cheered him on in the comments. "We do this with our two girls too! So much cheaper then going out and buying a new one every time they need a new one!!!" one mom wrote.

The best part of this video is the end, though — you have to see just how far this little one has taken his blue dino love.

We might not all be as handy as this dad, but he's giving us some motivation to try. When our kid's peaceful night's sleep is at risk, parents can make just about anything happen.