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New Dad Meticulously Plans Out Outfits to Match Daughter and It’s Just Too Sweet

He did a good job!

New dads are just the cutest. Having a baby brings out the sweetest tendencies...possibly things you would never ever have imagined them doing before that baby came along. It's not clear if the dad in this video from @rachsullivan__ has always been a fan of coordinating outfits with others, but since his baby daughter was born, he had a brilliant idea...why not go through both of their entire wardrobes and match outfits up by color? After all, a father and his daughter should always complement each other. Or at least their outfits should. This is just too sweet:


The way he's just so excited is so heartwarming. What inspired him to color-coordinate wardrobes with his tiny little girl? And is this something he's going to try to keep up with as she gets older? It could probably be possible well through toddlerhood, but it could get trickier to pull off once they hit the age when kids want a little more say over their clothing. Unless dad wants to significantly increase the number of pink items of clothing he owns. It's just so touching how thrilled he is to be a dad and to be as absolutely involved as he can. The smile on his face is so genuine and pure! Commenters were blown away by the whole thing:
"This man was meant to be a dad!"
"This is the most adorable thing, what a blessing to have them in your life!"
"Some people are just meant to be parents this is so lovely to see"
"seeing him be such a good dad is honestly healing in a way for me. i never got to witness what a real dad was. thank you for sharing"
Can't wait to see how these two are matching up in a few years!