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Dad & Daughter Have Adorable Negotiations

She's not backing down.

Some kids are born just knowing how to stand up for themselves. Those are the kids you know are going to be just fine in life, even if they can be a little bit challenging to parent from time to time. Basically, you have to become very skilled in the art of compromise and negotiation. 

In this video from @johnny_kylani, we see a dad and his daughter having a debate. He wants to she going to listen? She wants to he going to be nice to her now? It's a classic standoff. 


That little girl is not backing down by any means. She'll listen...sure she'll listen...but daddy better be nice. "Daddy daughter drama," the post was captioned, and this is only the beginning. Just wait until the tween years, daddy!

Commenters loved the way this little girl stood her ground...
"She’s not gonna listen"
"She got you again when she smile at the end"
"It’s the finger pointing for me..."
"she had to think about it..."
"That laugh was like, got you dad. She is adorable and your teenage years are going to be great"
"She has that sweetness and sassy down packed!!"
"You know she thinks she won lol you go dad!!!"
"Ummmmm she’s tooo cuuuute? Give up, dad! She runs the house!"

She does run the house, her dad responded, but he can't let her know that! Ain't that the truth. These two will refine their negotiating skills over the years, to be sure, hopefully so by the time she's a teen they'll be communicating all over the place. You can tell that dad is just over-the-moon enchanted with his little girl, and he'll probably be the one to give in on most of these standoffs. But that's okay.