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Dad Repainting Daughter’s Nails After She Messed Up Is the Cutest Thing Ever

Another person will have big shoes to fill.

The relationship between a dad and his daughter can be a really special thing. It's not always easy for dads to relate to their daughters' more emotional sides, but for the dads who truly get it, we know they're setting the example for what their little girls will eventually look for in their future relationships when they're all grown up. A dad is such an important person in a girl's life! 

There's one dad on TikTok who's really setting the bar high when it comes to helping his daughter with her big feelings. In the video, she starts crying because she messed her nails up while she was painting them, but Dad swooped in to help make the situation all better.


When Dad discovered his daughter crying in the bathroom while she was trying to make a video of herself painting her nails, he immediately sprang into action. He comforted her before hurrying to help her fix the mistake. Sure, he might have used paint thinner instead of nail polish remover,  but it still worked — and it made her laugh. 

"You know doing your nails is my favorite thing?" Dad says as he gives her a new coat of polish. 

By the end, they're both all smiles... and we can feel the love between them just watching this video. So sweet! 

This is something that this little girl is going to always remember,  and her nails ended up looking pretty good. Way to go, Dad!