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Toddler Has Sweetest Reaction to Dad Coming Home After Spending 2 Weeks Away for Work

What a cute daddy’s girl.

Every single family has to do what works for them. For some that means one parent works while the other stays home, and sometimes that means work takes them away from the home for extended periods of time. And for folks who have to do the latter it can take a toll both the child and a parents. When those families get to reunite though, it can be some of the sweetest memories they could ever hope to make.

One mama caught her baby girl’s sweet reaction to her daddy coming home after a long work stint and, man, was her face priceless. 


Though this little sweet pea isn’t old enough to express her excitement with words, she doesn’t have to. Her huge smile and cheerful “yelp” of her dad’s name says it all. And dad’s reaction of a deep hug and flowers for mama is also super special.

Followers on TikTok were positively swooning in the comments. from both admirers and peers in the “on the road” struggle.

“It’s hard working on the road and watching our babies grow up through a phone just so they can have a better life.,” wrote one commenter. “Their smile when we get home…”

“My husband will be coming home in a couple hours from being gone a while too! Can’t wait to see the excitement in our littles faces. We sure miss him,” wrote another.

These two clearly have a special bond no matter the distance, and we hope we can see their beautiful relationship grow.