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Toddler Does the Sweetest Thing After Getting Emotional From Watching Videos of Daddy on Mom’s Phone

She’s too precious!

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Kids might be little, but they sure can have big hearts. If a child loves you, count yourself among the luckiest people in the world, because there's nothing as pure and beautiful as the love of a child. They might not always show it, and sometimes they might act like they don't even like you, but when a kid loves you, they love you. Big time.

As proof, we have this heartbreaking video from @carlamullerrr. The mom explained that her toddler had been looking through photos on her phone when she came across one of her dad. As she looked at more pics and videos of him, the tears started to flow. Maybe she hadn't been thinking about him five minutes ago, but now she is, and she's remembering that she loves him so, so much it's filling up her whole heart.

How unbelievably sweet! She loves him so much she just can't even bear it. So much that she needed to go outside and wait for him for the rest of the day! Can you imagine how touched her dad must have been when he came home and saw her sitting there with her blanket and toys, just waiting to be with him? That's got to be one of the most rewarding moments ever for a parent. "This broke my heart and then immediately healed it again," wrote her mom. "She loves her daddy so much!"

Commenters thought she was just the sweetest thing, with many parents pointing out that when times get tough, it's moments like these that keep you going. This dad will hold on to this memory forever!

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