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Little Girl Heartbroken Over Daddy Leaving for Work

She was ready to follow him!

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Some days are definitely easier than others when it comes to saying goodbye to our kids and heading to work. Many parents wish they could stay home with their children instead — and the feeling is mutual — but it's not realistic for a lot of families out there. And then, there are some kids who have a particularly tough time when one of their parents heads out for the day, making that morning goodbye especially sad.

That just means that there's a lot of love there, and that definitely seems to be true for the dad and daughter in this TikTok video that's going viral. She's totally heartbroken that her dad has to go to work, but she'd really rather he stay home.

In the beginning of the video, this dad is asking his toddler if it's okay for him to go to work, and the answer is a resounding "no." Instead, she wanted hugs, and of course, Dad was happy to oblige her. 

She even refused to agree to hang out with her mommy, and said that she wanted to go to work with her dad instead, even after he warned her that it would be boring. This is what true love looks like, y'all! 

According to what Mom shared in the comments, even an adorable moment like this wasn't enough for work to give this dad the day off. "He couldn’t — so he had an extra long lunchtime," Mom wrote.

As hard as it is to leave a kiddo who doesn't want you to, so many of us have to say that hard goodbye every single day. But nothing is better than the warm welcome you get when you're reunited at the end of the day! 

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