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Twin Girls Force Daddy Into Getting a Glamorous Makeover

He’s a good sport about it though.

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Sometimes, a dad is just innocently working on their computer when suddenly a couple of little beauty queens show up and demand that he submit to a manicure. What are you supposed to do, say no? Not if you're a dad with any sense. It's hard to pin down an appointment with a good manicurist these days, never mind two at once. 

In this video from @jessicajovel, we see a dad getting an impromptu manicure from his twin daughters. He doesn't seem to be able to pick the colors, but that's not stopping anything from going ahead. All daddy has to do is stick out his hands and make sure he blows on those fingers until they're dry.

So sweet! You get the impression that these little girls like to give random beauty treatments whenever they feel like it, and that their parents mostly indulge them. Because, why not? Imagine what a self-confidence boost it must be to feel like you just made your dad look extra handsome or your mom look extra beautiful and they actually appreciate it. 

Commenters thought this dad was so sweet for letting his girls do his nails, and some shared their own stories of dads letting their little girls do manicures just to make them feel proud. Other commenters just loved how in sync these twins were and how they did everything in unison, noting that these two would be very hard to refuse. Maybe someday these sisters should take their traveling beauty services on the road. They'd do quite well in tips, no doubt.