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Mom Weeps Over Husband Painting Daughter’s Nails and Honestly, We Get It

“That’s a good man, Savannah.”

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It's always super cute when a dad steps out of the typical "dad zone" parenting stuff and tries something like picking out his daughter's clothes in the morning or doing a new hairdo. Sometimes things don't come out exactly right, but that usually just makes the whole thing cuter. Truly, it's the thought that counts...and means so much.

That's why the mom in this video from @caseyandkaci found herself in tears when her husband surprised her by painting their daughter's nails. The little girl was so proud and the scene was adorable, but it wasn't until the mom started thinking about how she wished she had a dad like that and how grateful she was that her husband was her children's father that the tears started to flow.

Her emotions are so understandable. Particularly if you grew up without a father or without the kind of fathering you needed, sometimes seeing your partner be the parent you always wanted for your children is a little bit overwhelming. If this dad is painting his daughter's nails as a surprise for mom, you can bet he does tons of other little thoughtful things, too. 

A huge number of commenters found the mom's "makes me wish I had a dad" comment to be super relatable, saying things like "same" and "this broke me." But as the creator popped in to say, "At least our kids will never have to say that." Most other commenters just had things to say like "sobbing" and "I'm in tears."

There can be so much healing of our inner children when we make our families what we always wanted. 

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