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Daredevil Kid Caught In the Act Gets Immediate Consequences

It’s not funny… but it also kind of is...

One thing parents learn really quickly about raising kids is that many of them have absolutely no self preservation, and for some, that doesn't change much as they get older. If you've raised a daredevil before, you know they'll stop at nothing to give their parents an absolute heart attack on a daily basis. It's pure chaos! 

One mom shared a video of her daughter making an attempt at being a stuntwoman while playing on a toy couch. She climbed up high and then jumped off, and it did not end well for her. 


Are we bad people for laughing at this? We don't know what's funnier... this kid seeing the consequences of her actions so quickly, the thud that her head hitting the wall made, or her mom saying "Jesus Christ" when she realized what was happening. 

Who hasn't been there before with their own kids? Sometimes, we're able to help protect them from their own bad ideas, and other times, it all happens so quickly that all we can do is offer hugs and kiss the boo boo when it's over.

She was sad, but Mom was there to comfort her, and hopefully, she learned a lesson from this... though something tells us she probably didn't, and the commenters on the video seem to agree. 

"She’ll be doing it again after that cry," one person wrote, adding laughing emojis.

"I feel like every single parent has been through this," another person added. Yep, that's right! 

Let's just hope she wasn't too hurt. This is a lesson she definitely had to